Today's inappropriate crush.

I give you Ronni Ancona.

Smitten, I am.



Sarah O. said…
Goodness, Joke, you do manage to find interesting TV shows and personalities. Where do you learn about them?
What is that show? That is awesome in its goodness (I have trawled through quite a few of those snippets now).
Joke said…
Lemony - I sort of find them by a perverse variant of "six degrees" i.e., I find a funny show starring X and then, while viewing it I realize that Y is also quite delightful and then I search for more of Y, then I run across Z.

And so the long day wears on.

Kim - It's called QI, and well worth viewing.

Major Bedhead said…
Well, I know what I'll be looking for tonight on YouTube. Hysterical stuff - the grammar lesson clip made my little heart go all warm and fuzzy and that's not easy to accomplish.

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