Today's Update du jour

For those of you who've been, on my behalf, working them Rosaries, performed Druidic somersaults around oak* trees, sacrificed to Baal, chanted in the general direction of the Wailing Wall, or merely checked in via email etc.:

There are chemical traces of improvement. I am by no means breathing easy, but I am breathing a tiny (and I want to emphasize the TINY) bit better.

Do not let up.

More bright 'n' cheery stuff will follow.


P.S. Why...yes, yes it does suck. Its suckitude is thorough, complete, and impressive.

* Those being Orthodox Druids. As we know, Reformed Druids may also worship around shrubbery.


shula said…

(repeated 108 times).
Joke said…
Is that "Ni" said a total of 108 times or "Ni" said once and then repeated an additional 108 times?

(That whole Imperial/metric thing confuses me, as you can tell.)

MsCellania said…
How can I stop it, if I don't know what it is?!
Joke said…
Oh, now you're just channeling Poppy.

Badger said…
Have run out of chickens. Am now moving on to goats.
Joke said…
Go with that, as I have received news which are, at the very least, "not too bad."

Let me know if you need goat recipes.


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