Good riddance.

Daylight Savings Time is OVER.



cd0103 said…
Oh honey-- I am so with you. I feel bad the entire time Daylight Savings Time is in. Woo Hoo for regular time.
Badger said…
You people are f****d in the head.
Joke said…
I woke up this morning and, besides having an extra hour, it was daylight -- none of that daylight we were "saving" was there when I needed it -- and at dinnertime, it was dark!

Oh, happy day!


P.S. The sad fact remains that DST will return, like herpes, in just a few months...but for the time being, I revel.
Anonymous said…
It didn't feel like we were creeping out in the dead of night when we left for work/school this morning: Life is good.
Anonymous said…
Yes, and Olive celebrated by being awake fom midnight to 5am, for no apparent reason. I used to prefer DST, but now, I just wish we'd PICK ONE.
teachergirl said…
Amen, brother. Amen.

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