Once more, into the breach, as it were.

I demand -- OK, "politely request" -- your clickery!

Back to the salt mines,



Stomper Girl said…
I've clicked. I may even try some Nobilo if I see it around, with the dollar the way it is New Zealand wines are looking like the way of the future!
Joke said…
It is ridiculously delicious stuff and I'm sure a bigger trove awaits our Southern Hemisphere cousins.

All of the Nobilos are great, but this one is a steal.

BreadBox said…
Clickage provided.
I'm a big fan of NZ wines, even though I haven't found any I *really* like yet. I'm just hoping to find one, for the NZ-ness of it...

Joke said…
Even better, we're starting to get a trickle (NPI) of NZ reds ovah heah.

I promise to review some Australian wines the nanosecond I get some review samples. If anyone out theah has any influence to exert on my behalf...


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