"People, get ready..."

This is a heads-up that I shall begin blogging on matters related to Thanksgiving very shortly. Over at my wine* place, I have already started, with this year's selection of wines for the day when we thank God for all our blessings by trying to send as much of His bounty down our digestive tract as can be accommodated without danger of rupture. Please click.

(You'll be pleased to know most of those wines retail for +/- US$10.)

I will also, Deo volente, try to post a video on my heretic mashed potatoes. Almost everywhere you read a recipe for same they will tell you (not without reason) that potatoes ought be mashed with relative gentleness, and to never do that which I specifically advocate.

But there is method to my madness.

What I am trying to do is suffuse the potatoes with buttery goodness. I'd love to take credit for the concept but, alas, the guy who "invented" this was Joel Robuchon (all true foodies may genuflect reverently heah) who reckoned that he could get about a pound of butter to go into a couple of pounds of potatoes. In order to do this, you need to shear the potato cells open to release their starch (which will allow them to get a chokehold on all that butter). Normally, this would turn the potatoes into wallpaper paste, but not if you inject butter liberally into the proceedings.

Think of making hollandaise, only you are using potatoes, into which you gingerly feed countless pats of butter.

Yes, it is horrifically caloric. And while you may get a glow from eating this, it may also be because your blood pressure is placing you in immediate danger of exploding. But it is really, really good. And not stiff and spackle-ish. But I know most of you are a hardbitten, cynical bunch and as such, you will need videographic evidence.

So that's it for now.


* I'll be doing up some Australian wines next. Just be cool.


Mary said…
Ooo - Aussie wines - can't wait to see what you do with those - well of course you will be tasting them but look forward to reading your thoughts...
Joke said…
My first thought about Aussie wines has been:

"Would it kill them to send me some free samples?"

KPB said…
email me your address...

and I thought the rule for the heart-stopping mash was a pound of butter to a pound of potatoes. I prefer them roasted in goose fat. I'm just saying...
Stomper Girl said…
We've always made our mash that way too. We're not afraid of butter in this household.
Badger said…
Thanksgiving wine? Beaujolais Nouveau. Done.

(You realize I'm saying that just to rile you, right? Are you riled? If not, can you lie and pretend you are, just to humor me? I AM still crippled ovah heah, you know.)
Joke said…

I could be riled, but only if I don't have to scrunch up my face, as I am a bit headachy now.

Did you see my latest husband-bestowed giftie ?

I wonder if you can get it over there to try - and have you ever seen the glass caps before ? Most decadent, IMO..

I look forward to some Aussie reviews..

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