Thanksgivingness, the aftermath

I am a good kind of tired.

Make that exhausted.

Food was good. The gravy was especially excellent, as was the pie, which NOS half-baked with me. (This was the first time for him, so the crust wasn't, um, quite as thin and delicate as we might have wished.)

More later.



Major Bedhead said…
Hey, Joke, could you point me in the direction of your No-Fail, Fantastically Delicious Roasted Chicken recipe? I seem to have lost my copy. Tengubeddymudge.
Stomper Girl said…
There's a bit of an art to pastry. Lucky he's learning so young....
Joke said…
1- Sure! Here it is.

2- Yeah. Came out really good, though. (The blind baking without weights was really the point on which we need to work; and maybe the rolling out.)
Major Bedhead said…
Truly, you are a prince among men. I didn't brine mine, but it still came out full of crispy, yummy, salty skin.
Party Girl said…
Exhausted is good, even better when the exhausted is a good feeling and not the, bad one....or something.

Glad you had a great day.

P.S. I really like your icons on your homepage, very cool and hip.
Joke said…

The coolness and hipness are all due to my fondness for Shag (the artist) and all that Atomic/MidCentury stuff.

And, of course, genetics.


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