Yes, yes, I know I'm pestering.

As re. this previous entry, I am posting this email in its entirety. PLEASE click on the link and do the right thing. Repeatedly. (Vote early and vote often.)

Oh, and pass it on.

-J., feeling almost ashamed...but not quite.

Hello friends,

I know I promised no more emails but I feel this update must be addressed: This morning ARIAS was bottom 2 which means that him along with another girl had the least amount of votes of the 8 finalists left. Luckily, ARIAS passed and made Top 7 but tomorrow they will be eliminating another and as it stands ARIAS has the least amount of votes. I know many of you have been voting non-stop and we truly appreciate all your support. ARIAS has worked really hard on this audition and we are pushing to get him at least to the Top 3 so that he can have the opportunity to open for Reik December 3rd at Cameo!

I am asking you all today to PLEASE VOTE: We are very behind in votes compared to the other 6 and between now and tomorrow we need to get our votes up to keep him safe. Send the link to everyone you know.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow to 94.9 between 7am-9am to listen to the next finalist to be eliminated.

*Also: Please save the date WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 3rd....If ARIAS is chosen Top 3 I am asking that everyone please come out and support him and show Mega what a fan base ARIAS has!! I know its a weekday but if I'm in law school and smack in the middle of finals and can find a way to make it there are no excuses. ARIAS needs you!*

Also be sure to check out the YouTube video Mega posted and feel free to leave comments about ARIAS:


Well, you don't want to know how many times I have voted. I sat here and refreshed the page and kept voting. So if he doesn't win-it is not my fault! ;-)
shula said…
Hey, your wish is my command, but what have you got against the blonde in the underpants?

Lucky for you I'm not a bloke.
Joke said…
Nothing. She's just not my cousin.

I suspect her scanty attire may account for a disproportionate number of her votes.


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