Having had a LONG trip, it is only natural that, upon my return, I ought succumb to the pestilence which had befallen the rest of my family.

There, now you're up to speed.



P.S. From the "Stories We're Working On Dept.":

In the spirit of an examination of conscience, I'm trying to scratch out a post on all the biggish -- if I also include the smallish ones it'd take forever -- things I have done about which I am not especially pleased with/proud of myself. You ought not be even slightly surprised many of these involve young ladies.


MsCellania said…
Oh lordy; I smell a cotillion or two in the works.
Us? We are still working on proper cutting skills at the dinner table.
Make that proper SITTING skills at the dinner table. Youngest has the ants in his pants.
Merry Christmas, Joe, to you and yours!
Joke said…
For the record, those things about which I am not at all proud do not involve my being evil.

Calculating, yes. Evil, no.

The equivalent of counting cards at a blackjack table, if you will.

More later.

Badger said…
Wait, is this the penitent season? Did I miss an entire holiday?
Joke said…
This is the MINOR Penitent Season. If you want so real scandal, you may want to wait until Lent.

Poppy Buxom said…
Good! That will give you time to come up with some, Mr. Wishes-He-Had-More-Of-A-Past.
Joke said…
My dissipation, alas, is appallingly monochromatic.

Mary said…
Are you sure you have not got a plague sign outside your door.

Surely enough plagues have beset you this year.

I do believe God is punishing you for past calculating behaviour.
Joke said…
So far, 2008 has been abysmal.

Sure, there are a couple of weeks for it to redeem itself, but the odds hardly favor that.


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