Four years!

(and two weeks)

That's how long I have been blogging.

I just noticed.



rachael said…
Congrats on 4 years of funny.

Stomper Girl said…
Congratulations on the four years of funny (I borrowed that from rachael, she said it so well). You've also bounced back into bloggery just as I haven't been able to sit for any amount of time at the computer so I will be coming back to watch all those vids you've posted soon! They are full of peoples I like. Meantime, happy Christmas Joke to you and yours Cx
Merry Christmas to you and your clan - I hope you have a wonderful day full of sumptuous food and wine.

Joke said…
Thank you, thank you one and all.


P.S. Kim, the contingency is untenably remote, but I am grateful nonetheless.
Poppy Buxom said…
Congratulations! Merry Christmas and a Happy n00b Year !!!!
teachergirl said…
Merry Christmas and congrats!!
All my best!
Joke said…
It's actually Badger's fault, she was the first pal who outed herself as a blogger. This caused me to say "I can do THAT."

So I have.

At any moment, there will be a hailstorm of shekels and groupies, I just know it.

Badger said…
Because I made it look SO EASY.

And I am still waiting for the groupies, also. Lemme know if any show up.
Frogdancer said…
Ha! Groupies...

they'll all be sporting knitting needles and Australian accents...

Merry Christmas.

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