How'd that happen?

It seems like THIS year, they snuck New Year's Eve RIGHT AFTER CHRISTMAS.



Anonymous said…
It's not just an American phenomenon. These last few (child free for me) days have zipped by.
Happy New Year!
meggie said…
Happy New Year to the Joke Family, including the wider members -no I don't mean any portly people, though of course, if there are any, they are included!

I hope 2009 deals kindly & gently to you all.
shula said…
And THEN had the temerity to throw my birthday a week after that.

SO unfair....
reader said…
Happy New Year Joke and family

shula, my kids have birthdays 12/29 1/9 and 1/29 such poor planning
I was ribboning birthday gifts yesterday for the 1/9 child who will be 25 so as you can see, I have done this for many years.

Oprah and I will begin our best lives on the 5th!
Happy New Year to the Jokers!

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