Is it just me, or...

...are there FAR fewer Christmas cards being sent out this year?

So far we have only received 4-5 which is WA-A-AY fewer than usual, especially given that we're only a week away from Christmas.




We have gotten far fewer as well, but for the past two years I haven't sent out cards. Just haven't been in the mood.
Joke said…
I have been pretty bloody slacker-ish in this regard my own bad self.

Frogdancer said…
Thank you Joke. You're a scholar and a gentleman. I've hated not being able to comment.

Christmas cards? For the last couple of years I just haven't done them. It'll be the same this year. Today is the last day of the school year and quite frankly I'm exhausted. In some ways it's been quite a year, and I'm SO looking forward to the 5 week break... even more than usual.

If necessary, I tell people that no cards is actually an environmental decision. We're in a drought and saving trees is apparently important.
Far fewer.

I send out an email with photos and witty comments.

OK. Not witty comments.

Easy. Fast. And appreciated from the response I get.
We've only gotten about 10, and half of those are from charities. I'm glad to hear it's happening all over. I thought it was my breath.
Badger said…
Us too! Granted, I've pared our own list down quite a bit, but STILL. You don't think this is related to that whole bumblebee thing, do you? (Did you know that there's also a worldwide shortage of CRAWFISH right now? No lie. It's getting weird up in here.)
blackbird said…
I sent 18...I usually send 60.
Nuff said.
Joke said…
18 down from 60 that means that...uh...hey! nobody said there would be MATH!
Sara said…
I didn't send mine out to anyone that didn't get a gift this year either.
h&b said…
I figured it's because I haven't reciprocated for the last two years .. ouch..

Although I do send one to my Grandma ..

I'd just like BMM to know I never got her email - no pics, no witty banter. Biatch.
Caro said…
I thought I had offended at least three people somehow. Glad to know it's not just me.

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