It's here! It's here! It's...

...Boxing Day!

Which means Boxing Eve Christmas Day is over. I know I have been very subtle about this, but I really do not enjoy Christmas. Not Christmas the Birth of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savio(u)r. That one I like just fine. I mean, my Christmas...the Christmas I have to deal with.

Some highlights:

TFBIM and I got into a fight at Midnight Mass. (Apologized, patched things up and all is well.)

I had gotten TFBIM these earrings:Which she duly tried on, right there by the tree while she was still clad in her sleepwear. They looked great. She went to change that we might beging our annual Christmas schlepping around and as she took off her T-shirtlike top the sound* of something falling and skittering across the floor could be heard with amazing clarity. Yes, kids, one of the pearls, yearning for its cozy oyster bed home, decided to make a break for it. (It was retrieved, but now I must spend my Boxing Day arranging for an exchange.) This meant that when we gathered with people, TFBIM was unable to show off her new things.

Then at my sister's place, a place littered with steps and staircases and "lighting to enhance the ambiance," my dad** took a spill over some dark wood steps and nastily dinged his shin and that took some time as his first aid was sorted out.

At our first stop, some of the food was actually really good -- something of a Yuletide anomaly in my experience -- that perhaps I may have overindulged in the victuals. So today I am feeling a bit sluggish.


All that room we made a couple of days ago? Let's just say "nature abhors a vaccuum."

So that was that.


* TAP...tap...tap tap taptaptap

** Who is, alas, of advancing years, very rapidly declining health, and failing eyesight


Stomper Girl said…
Well happy Boxing Day then and I think you were not alone in victual overindulgence on Christmas Day.
Party Girl said…
well, minus the fall and the exchange of a pearl, it sounds like your day wasn't so bad.

Happy Merry (late) Christmas...and Boxing day.
Joke said…
"Well, other than that, Mrs. Lincoln..." :-)
h&b said…
*Gorgeous* earrings, lucky Mrs Joke ( besides the annoying bit about exchanging them - argh ! )

Hope you had a fabby NYE.
( because Boxing Day is but a memory away now ;)

Happy 2009, Joke Family !
BabelBabe said…
wait. why do you have to exchange?
Joke said…
Because one of the bloody pearls came adrift of its moorings.



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