So, Sunday was the first Sunday of Advent.

We marked this by being unable to locate and illuminate our Advent wreath. This means we begin our preparations to receive der Christkindl by being unprepared. That little outburst of irony was just for your amusement.

Now, seeing as we are woefully unprepared in the Adventiveness, I figured it only just and right for me to offer criticism of our betters in this regard. Ideally, you'd want three different sizes of the purple candles and you want to light the tallest one first, so that by the time you light the 2nd tallest, they'd all be +/- even. Please indulge me in that regard.

Oh, and for those of you who light said candles with more religious intent than average, it IS permissible to use scented candles. There are no guarantees you'll like the scent that emanates from the candles colored purple (or pink) but there you go.

At this rate, I'll be discussing Christmas Day on or about mid-January, and removing my outdoor lights around St. Patrick's.



Anonymous said…
Wait--so you're saying three white candles, two glow-in-the-dark ghost figurines and a cardboard fan turkey is wrong?
Joke said…
Not if you are an Zoroastrian.

Badger said…
Okay, but what is the protocol for little calenders full of chocolate, which is the only Advent we observe ovah heah? Please advise.
Poppy Buxom said…
Badge, the chocolate calendars start on December 1st and go to the 25th. But Advent actually starts four Sundays before Christmas. This means if you could get a chocolate calendar that actually started on the first Sunday in Advent, you'd get more chocolate out of the deal.

But this year the difference is only one day, so whatev.

And of course, I think Joke is wrong-headed and totally off-base with his candle rules, but that's because he's Catholic and I'm Episcopalian.

My candles are all made of vegetable wax, with lead-free cotton wicks, because Episcopalians are very crunchy and environmentally-correct. There are three blue and one pink. Blue, not purple, because purple is a penitential color, and Advent is not a penitential season.

And the blue is Sarum blue in accordance with the Sarum rite, and don't even ask. It's an English thing. Oh, and the pink one is for the third week, where you get to take a break from Christmas shopping.

As for finding three different length candles? As if. If it bothers you so much, shorten the long ones to match.

But of course, I think there are much better ways to spend your time. For example, buying me Christmas presents.
shula said…

I'm just adding it to my List of Words I Plan To Use Very Soon.

And the candle thing.

You're not a Virgo, are you?
Joke said…
Badge: Just make sure your chocolates have wrappers in the correct color. Eat them reverently.


[eye roll]

Advent is a penitential season. Granted, it is the minor (Lent bein' the major) penitential season, but it's still penitential. Where these differ is that Advent is a happy penance (because it leads to Christmas) while Lent is a sorrowful penance.

Advent is a time of preparation, and one cannot have that without some kind of penance. have blue candles as homage to Porky Pig's rendition of "Blue Christmas."

I have no idea what kind of wax make up my Advent candles. The fact they are unlit, though, makes me marginally greener-than-thou.

Purpler, too.

Shula: I used to be, until I was 16.

Poppy Buxom said…
Hey, if you guys had been doing it right all this time, we wouldn't have had to start the Reformation.

I mean, honestly. Since then, you've had a Counter-Reformation and Vatican II, but there you sit, cutting the legs off candles and laying down the law about what constitutes a penitential season.

I'd mock you some more, but I gave up full-on mockery for Advent.
Poppy Buxom said…
Oh, sorry; I'll fast all the way through Lent for this one, but:


I'm telling the sisters on you.

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