Cheery and breezy this ain't.

I'm at it again. But now it's gotten REALLY serious.

1- I remain inexpressively grateful for all the prayers on my behalf. You are all in my prayers. (Yes, even you non-praying types!)

2- As you may remember, the current economic mess pretty much has me at ground zero, if you will.

(My praying, though, is a LOT better.)

Given the way my business has evolved, (with greater exposure to commercial real estate in southwest Florida) things are now officially looking pretty grim.

We have three major projects out there and if only ONE of those were to come through we should be able to get through this year. I'm not looking for untold wealth, I just want to be able to meet my obligations to my clients and pay my bills and feed my family, pay for all the schooling and care my kids need and take care of my dad as he ages and his health declines.

Last time I said things were not yet dire, but it was getting closer. Well. It got closer a WHOLE LOT faster than anticipated.

The client on whom we counted to for the bulk of our income "until things straightened out" just filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Effectively, our cash flow has stopped and will not resume for an expected 3 months.

There are thank -- literally -- God, some opportunities for us to get out from the very severe financial stress we are facing. There is a glimmer of hope and we cling and pray about that hope.

3- Therefore I am asking, as humbly as I can, for your prayers that we may be delivered from the severe financial stress under which we find ourselves. If you can manage to get "scrunchy-faced" that would be appreciated, and some pious perspiration might not be out of place. (Priest pals o' mine are even celebrating Mass for these petitions, so you know it's serious stuff.)

4- I am pretty much left with only praying like a maniac.

5- I am not someone given to stress easily, or worry, or fear. But this is different.

6- I will never -- at least not this side of Heaven -- be able to adequately express my gratitude to all of you for what you have done and are doing on my/our behalf. Please know said gratitude, however imperfectly expressed, is thorough and complete.

7- I HATE what this blog has turned into. I hate that it's not fun, not funny and otherwise just an endless litany of what's wrong. I promise to return to form as soon as things, Deo volente, straighten out.

8- Yes, I disabled comments again.


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