This can't be good.



Frogdancer said…
I've tried not eating those damned Aldi gummy bears. Mmmm.... the sweet sugary deliciousness....

...who cares if no one else can fit on the couch with me?
Joke said…
This may be related...

The Tim Tams.

The Lindt chocolate.

The icecream.

I'm with Frogdancer...
shula said…
Didn't we just overtake Canada in the fat stakes.

I think we're second only to the US, now.

Which is REALLY saying something.

I don't get it, we have such good primary produce here, some of the cleanest and finest in the world. People pay a fortune to eat it overseas, and yet people here just eat shit.

End rant.
--erica said…
you asked for prayers.
you have them, my friend

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