Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This can't be good.


Posted by Joke at 4:04 PM


  • Anonymous Frogdancer posted at 6:02 PM, January 14, 2009  
    I've tried not eating those damned Aldi gummy bears. Mmmm.... the sweet sugary deliciousness....

    ...who cares if no one else can fit on the couch with me?
  • Blogger Joke posted at 6:23 PM, January 14, 2009  
    This may be related...

  • Blogger Blue Mountains Mary posted at 7:47 PM, January 14, 2009  
    The Tim Tams.

    The Lindt chocolate.

    The icecream.

    I'm with Frogdancer...
  • Blogger shula posted at 11:39 PM, January 14, 2009  
    Didn't we just overtake Canada in the fat stakes.

    I think we're second only to the US, now.

    Which is REALLY saying something.

    I don't get it, we have such good primary produce here, some of the cleanest and finest in the world. People pay a fortune to eat it overseas, and yet people here just eat shit.

    End rant.
  • Blogger --erica posted at 9:28 PM, January 18, 2009  
    you asked for prayers.
    you have them, my friend
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