In case you were wonderin'

This is still going on.

I remain wildly grateful for all the prayers and stuff.

There is a GLIMMER of hope on the horizon. (I attribute all of that to your prayerful prayin'.)

While I wait (getting "Rosary burns") for that glimmer of hope to materialize into something more concrete, things are starting to get very, VERY difficult.

So, I am asking again, as humbly as I possibly can, for your prayers, that we may be delivered from the severe financial distress under which we find ourselves. If you can manage to, once again, pray "scrunch-facedly" that would be appreciated, and some pious perspiration even more so. (Lighting candles, Mass intentions, etc. would be VERY good.)

I apologize for not being my usual, cheery self. If you want to be selfish, pray that this whole mess is successfully and satisfactorily concluded, so I can get back to the business of blogging recipes and jollity.

I thank you all in advance, and promise my continued prayers for you.


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