"No comment."

The metric kids may look here for F-to-C conversion. (The above does not take into account the overnight lows.)


Frogdancer said…
I had to comment on a post titled 'no comment'.
That's a bit nippy!
Was thinking about you today. Any more scrunchie faces and I'm going to have to change to a heavy-duty moisturiser to combat the new wrinkles!!
Joke said…
I will pray for your renewed smoothness of countenance.

Major Bedhead said…
As my grandfather says, it's colder than a witch's tit in a brass bra.
Judi said…
My that is cold...as a good friend of mine who lives in Boston said the other day why whould anyone want to live in a fridge and pay good money to heat it?
at the same time we here in Melbourne Australia are heading for a burst of true summer weather..4 days of above 35 deg (celsius) and severe fire danger in the counrty areas...still praying for you and yours..
Joke said…


meggie said…
I have thought, in these grave times, that we are lucky to be paupers already~ we have nothing to lose!
I do give positive thoughts your way, knowing of your children ungrown. I send you Hugs also, ~ who knows they may act like armor!

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