Oh. OK.

It turns out that many (most?) of the comments appended to these posts were winding up in my spambox.

I THINK I fixed that.

Management apologizes for the inconvenience.



Stomper Girl said…
I thought you'd turned your comments "off" lately. So you know, I've been here, reading. Just so you know.
Just so you know I am as scrunchy faced as frogdancer..
Major Bedhead said…
I've been reading too and couldn't figure why you'd shut off comments, since you are the king of com box conversations.
h&b said…
Adding my comment here too as others are closed, but lots of scrunchy faced prayers to you.

The money? That falls out of the sky ? If that happens "you're welcome"
BreadBox said…
I do hope to hear good news from you soon. I've been waiting with bated breath, which my family now tells me is beginning to smell. Like baited breath or something.

Good luck,

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