An update.

I generally try to go all sweet and light and fluffy-bunny with my posts. Partly because I don't like train-wreck posts/blogs and partly because highlighting the things that suck in life is something that goes against my grain. But, I have been pretty reticent over the last few months and SOME explanation is warranted.

As you may know, the current economic mess pretty much has me straight in its crosshairs. I'm at Ground Zero, if you will.

(The upside is that I'm getting a LOT better at prayin'. These days it's aerobic.)

Unfortunately my business has developed, over the last few years, a greater and greater exposure to those areas which, of late, have been "taken out and flayed alive." We have three major projects going and if only one (JUST ONE!) of those were to come through we should be able to get through this year.

I'm not looking for untold wealth, I just want to be able to meet my obligations and pay my bills and feed my family, pay for all the schooling and care my kids need and all that.

The good news is that things are not dire, yet.
The bad news is that dire's getting closer.

There are (thank -- literally! -- God) some opportunities for us to get out from the mess we are facing. Yesterday I had an appointment that, if it all goes as hoped, would go a long way to allowing us to weather the next year or two. Not wallowing in luxury, of course, but we would be able to meet all our obligations and make everyone whole.


I am asking as humbly as I can -- and you can imagine how easily humility comes to me -- for your prayers. If you can manage to get "scrunchy-faced" that would be appreciated, and some pious perspiration might not be out of place.

Beyond that, all I can really do these days is go on pray-n-trust mode.

I will never -- at least not this side of Heaven -- be able to adequately express my gratitude to all of you for what you have done and are doing on my/our behalf. Please know said gratitude, however imperfectly expressed, is thorough and complete. Your prayerful kindness will not go unremembered.


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