Friday, January 16, 2009

Use your brain.

Attention knitters.


Posted by Joke at 8:43 PM


  • Anonymous Frogdancer posted at 11:13 PM, January 16, 2009  
    Ummm.... why would you bother?
  • Blogger shula posted at 10:01 AM, January 17, 2009  
    Well, I love it, but it does beg the question of whether the shrink could do with a good shrink...
  • Blogger Joke posted at 11:31 AM, January 17, 2009  
    I'm guessing it's only a matter of time until someone knits a whole human figure.
  • Blogger meggie posted at 3:27 PM, January 17, 2009  
    I don't think I would want to be treated by her.
  • Blogger reader posted at 9:59 PM, January 17, 2009  
    This is sick and will end up on Ebay with this

    I have so many projects the knitter can finish for me.
  • Blogger Major Bedhead posted at 10:07 PM, January 17, 2009  
    I read a blog by a woman who is pregnant and in child birthing classes. Her instructor has a knitted uterus, complete with baby, umbilical cord and placenta.

    People, man. People are weird.
  • Blogger Caro posted at 1:22 PM, January 18, 2009  
    It looked like ovaries to me!
  • Blogger LemonySarah posted at 11:18 PM, January 18, 2009  
    Oy. When knitting and anatomy collide.

    And yeah, I've been shamelessly lurking. Happy delurker's week! Or week after, as the case may be...
  • Anonymous Jen posted at 1:29 PM, January 19, 2009  
    I sense a PSA against knitting in the offing: This is your brain. This is your brain on yarn.
  • Blogger Suse posted at 4:00 PM, January 20, 2009  
    I love it.

    Oh, and the other thing? I will send positive affirmations out into the ether for you my friend.
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