Ash Wednesday

While I'm still not happy with how 2009 is coming along, there are some traces of positive developments. These are no more than that, traces, hints, possibilities, indications. Etc.

In the meantime, I'm back to being a PTSAHD.

So, keep at it.


P.S. I know this is all s'posed to be a serious learning experience...


BreadBox said…
These "things" are sent to try you. Just be glad that they didn't send lawyers and judges along with "things"...

Hoping for a better time to come along for you,
cary perk said…
It's sucky here too. I'm actually starting to get used to frugality, and think I might learn something as a result of all this turmoil. (Hello? Shop less! Save more!)

Let's face it. When's the last time we faced a real struggle?

Hang in there, Joe! Things will work out!
Caro said…
I will continue to keep my fingers crossed.

I am not religious but I am more than willing to give up 2009 myself. Yick.
Caro said…
Okay, I wanted to add that I do believe in God. I just don't go to church. Didn't want you to think I dance around sacrificing chickens or anything.
My float said…
"Serious learning experiences" can suck mightily.

The way things are going, I'd be happy to join you in a campaign to declare 2009 officially OVER.

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