A brief, temporary, break in the clouds.

Earlier today, the lovely and gracious BabBab texted me, gloating "I scored KFP* Coke."

I leapt into action.

Well, into my car, at any rate. Apparently KFP Coke had hit the streets -- at least the streets ovah heah -- today. I wasn't alone.

Getting to the supah market after braving horrible traffic, I sprinted into the soft drink aisle. The KFP section had been decimated, as if a pack of thirsty locusts (more than one of whom would likely be a Gentile, I'm certain) had been by. There were but THREE left.

So at least I have three 2L bottles. Cans or the small glass bottles would have been preferable, but beggahs can't be choosahs.

Therefore, for a brief, shining moment, life was good.


* Kosher For Passover, meaning it's not sweetened by the vile, subsidized, corn syrup and instead by protectionism-tariff pure cane sugar.


crafty said…
I am flabbergasted.

Wow. I learned something new today.
Anonymous said…
Kewl. I wonder if that's what they serve on the Mitzvah Tank---they're so hyper!
Badger said…
Dude. You do know that there are many, many sodas on the market these days that are sweetened with cane sugar ALL YEAR LONG, right? Or are you a Coke loyalist?
Jen said…
Oh, great. A new soft drink for me to covet.
Joke said…
Yes and no. The other sodas are fine and perfectly quaffable, but they aren't Coke. That is, there are some times when ONLY Coke will scratch that itch.

When it comes to colæ, I am an absolute Coke loyalist, though.

But these others may be found with no trouble or ridiculous expense year-long. (A pint of Mejican Coke costs $2.50, while KFP Coke is only $1.79 for 2L.)

So there.
MsCellania said…
I buy the glass bottled Mexican cokes. Such a tiny indulgence...If there were 2L bottles in the stuff, I would be slurping it down. You know, to save it from going flat. Oy.

And you cannot believe how relieved I am to see You're back. I have respected that you didn't want comments, and just lit candles, sent good vibes and kept comments to myself. I've been through lots of downturns, but never as knuckle-gnawingly systemic as this one.
teachergirl said…
And I can buy this miracle drink in any local grocery store?
Joke said…
TECHNICALLY, yes. But in practical terms you really need to be in an area with a decently-size Jewish population.

In case anyone wondered, it is a touch less sticky-sweet than the corn syrup stuff and the carbonation is finer and sharper.
teachergirl said…
Well that isn't a problem. So, off I go.
crafty said…
You know, I didn't mean my comment to sound patronising and sarcastic.

I like the way you occasionally write about such trivial matters with such panache...

And I was wondering too (not being into coke at all) but you answered in comment 8.
Joke said…
Was it?

I took it as being reverent and admiring.

(See? Hubris.)

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