"It's kinda crazy, but it just might work."

This unscheduled update is to let the Internet know that there is a slim chance that a near-miracle just might befall me.

Manna-from-Heaven-type of scenario. I'd tell you what it is but it's so bizarre and improbable you wouldn't believe it. (My wife, who has been apprised of all the details, doesn't believe it.)

So archive that.

If it pans out, wherever you are you will hear my whooping. Krakatoa will be a library whisper in comparison.

As you were.



Frogdancer said…
I know! After my email, you're moving to Australia!!!!

(or not...)

Whatever it is, I REALLY hope it all pans out beautifully.
Anonymous said…
I just have one word, which I use on my husband when it's warranted: HUBRIS.

I'm just sayin'. You know what you toss overboard.

Former NoLa'n.
MsCellania said…
The weird stuff is what is rescuing people these days.
BreadBox said…
Up heah, we don't hold with none of that kosher food....
Seriously, where to put the kosher hotdogs? next to the bacon....

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