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In the name of all that's holy, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE stop it with the "-tini" drinks.

I thank you.


Poppy Buxom said…
Dear me. Someone's been drinking grumptinis.
Joke said…
For the civilians in the crowd, that's a martini where the Bombay Sapphire is replaces with bitters.
BreadBox said…
And what the hell is wrong with an extra dry martini?
Six parts gin, drive past a store which sells vermouth and wink at the owner, pour into shaker, strain *without shaking, please, 007* into a glass designed solely for this purpose.

Of course, chocolatini, vodkatini, zucchinitini, anything like that should be taken out and used as drano.

And ugh! Replace gin with angostura bitters? Undrinkable!

LemonySarah said…
I would agree except that I've become quite fond of saketinis. Vodka & sake. Sounds horrible, tastes devine. Also, it's highly efficient.

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