Might as well get some bloggery in.

Before you ask, let me tell you that things are now sucking 0.0001% less. So keep up all the thoughts, prayers, dowsing, etc.


The real point of this entry is my frustration with Google and its lesser search engine siblings. I'm looking for ____, the main aspects of which are, say, Thing One, Thing Two and Thing Three. So I type same.

"Thing One,"
"Thing Two"
"Thing Three"

Naturally, I get search results that have NOTHING to do with what I want, directing me to places where gentlemen -- and I use the term advisedly -- residing in Liverpool may go to don ladies undergarments and be spanked by a matronly sort dressed as the more violent sort of marsupial...or...some website which explains some conspiracy theory regarding how albino snipers from the Vatican are affecting the global climate. In short, colossal wastes of my time which bear a remarkable lack of similarity to what I need.

I suspect there is search engine voodoo at work; either that or there is serious government involvement...nothing can be this appallingly useless without Satanic Forces being hard at work or without earnest gummint efforts* to improve things.

ANOTHER thing that has been irritating me of late is the fact that whenever I discover some interesting cut of beef (vegetarians in the crowd may go off for some well deserved rest at this point) six months later some highly-regarded food writer discovers it and the secret is out. And I'm scrod.

It happened with** flank, then skirt, then flatiron, then flap steak, then chuck shoulder. A year ago ____ used to run $3/lb., and then some food fad (fajitas, bulgogi, churrasco) strikes and next thing you know, it's pretty much 2½ times pricier.

Finally, Sarah Silverman is not that funny. Kinda cute, sure, but not that funny.

Glad to vent at you.

* Cynical people -- not I, natch, but cynical people -- would say this is redundant.
** These are USA terms; quite possibly region-specific at that...sorry.


Badger said…

I am with you on the beef phenomenon. Ask me how much I paid for brisket (my go-to cheap cut) the other day. GO ON, ASK.

Thank goodness pork spareribs are still cheap around here, because everyone wants baby back. Of course, having SAID that ... you know what'll happen.

And I find Sarah Silverman neither cute NOR funny. So there.
dessessopsid said…
Usually I just lurk, but my librarianess has forced me to comment.

The searching thing, requires the people who design a website to know what they are doing. Most people don't, but kinky websites get it right more than most.

My suggestion for better results: search for thing one - then limit those results for stuff with thing two or thing three but not both. I'm sure you've already done that but I couldn't help myself with the suggesting.

Although perhaps I am also just here as part of the government involvement to make it harder for you...
Yes, the beef thing kills me! Do you know that we always had a chuck roast for dinner because they were so cheap, but you cooked it in a pressure cooker or a slow cooker and they would fall apart-you would not believe how expensive they are now!!!
Badger I feel your pain about the brisket!! It is just about my favorite and it just keeps going up!!
Joke said…
Badge - Brisket has gone through the roof, the bastids. Fortunately "breast" of veal hasn't yet. But all of a sudden people have discovered BBQ brisket -- I blame Cook's Illustrated for having devised a pretty good jerry-rig for same -- and the bloody thing requires a mortgage.

The ropa vieja output has suffered mightily.

In fact, not that long ago (2006?) I was able to buy Kobe brisket for +/- $3.50/lb.

What I am doing these days is buying whole chuck steaks (a/k/a the "7" bone steak) and trimming out the flatiron, some stew beef and some excellent beef for grinding.

Dess - You have no idea how hard it is to find out where it's written that when a given product is "exempt from tolerance" by the EPA it is therefore outside the FDA jurisdiction. (I'm looking for chapter and verse, in this case.)

And yes, I tried that. But thanks.

Oh, and when I become the benevolent dictator, libraries will be one of the few places I'll leave alone. Except for installing coffee/tea bars and making book defacement punishable by garrote.

On the spot.

Heather - Yep.

BabelBabe said…
Joke - listen CAREFULLY: Call your local university library. Ask specifically for the reference librarian. Be polite, don't be pedantic, and she will help you, quite possibly using resources you may never have heard of. Or if you don't ant to call, check the library website for email reference, which gives the librarian some time and leeway.

Ask me how I KNOW.
You're welcome.

p.s. sara silverman annoys the everliving shit out of me.
BabelBabe said…
or possibly you could email me specifics and I can see what i can do. in all my free time. but i'm game.
shula said…

I'm immensely relieved that you made the point about Sarah Silverman. It's been troubling me for weeks.

I mean, I laugh, okay, but I suspect a lot of the time it's more from a mild horror than actual amusement.

I'll pass on the meat. You'd be AMAZED how little time it takes to become squeamish....
Joke said…
BabBab - You've got mail.

Shula - I really fail to see what the big deal is with her. Also, we don't have that time...my family's preferred diet is nearly identical to that of an average leopard.

Jen said…
I'd noticed that about brisket, but thought I was imagining things, or that is was some odd Northshore phenomenon.

Not a fan of Miss Silverman either, and I adore Kathy Griffin. Which shows you that even people who like obnoxious comedy can't stand SS.
Poppy Buxom said…
Well, I've always thought "I'm Fucking Matt Damon" was pretty funny. But then, I've always had the sense of humor of a 21-year-old midwestern big 10 college student.

I don't do the brisket thing, but Oxtails have been sky high for longer than I care to think. Like 8.00 or 9.00 a pound. Crazy!
LemonySarah said…
A couple of weeks ago Mr. Lemony wanted a prime rib. Now, being the neoBoulderites that we are, we only buy organic meat at Whole Foods. You see where this is going.


And yes, I did laugh at F*cking Matt Damon. The first and probably last time Sarah Silverman's made me laugh rather than scratch my head wondering who the hell makes up her fan base. Some things are probably best not known.
MsCellania said…
I can still find chuck eye here for ridiculous prices. Brisket is gonna get really cheap Mar 18 and not just the corned beef.
Sarah Silverman has the humor schtick of a 13 year old boy, as does her boy friend. No thanks.
Still lighting the (soy) candles here for the Jokes, et al.
My boys are beginning to work with sharpish knives now. Their cooking has increased the 'what the kids will eat' factor exponentially.
teachergirl said…
I thought the brisket thing was just me here in the South. And I was at "shudder" Costco. That was always my go to cheap as hell dinner (when I had a day to cook it.)

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