Out of the blue, and yet unrelated to anything.

What are the collective thoughts of the herein assembled on jinxing things by speaking of them prematurely?



That that would shit me greatly....
pardon my potty mouth
Frogdancer said…
Don't do it!!! Don't say anything!!!!

(Well, only to your nearest and dearest, but keep it close to your chest when it comes to everyone else. I believe that jinxes like these DO happen, and by gum! it's annoying. It makes you feel like such a fool.)

So what's going on???
Badger said…
Joke said…
It's not that.

It involves an appliance.

My wife thinks that, by issuing even this microscopic hint, I have Ruined It All.

MsCellania said…
If it's an EBay score, I would not say a Word. Otherwise, sing like a bird, mistah! You have appliance kismet and these days with so few buyers around, your luck will hold.
Remember our score on the Gaggenau? (Less than 1/10th of retail) That jewel is now installed and working like a charm. It has nine different heat abilities. I can't figure some of them out! Just when I was getting pissy about the oven's apparent inability to broil, the dog walked by, hit the top lever, and WHAMO! Less than 30 seconds later, it was kiln hot! (Also alerted us to the fact that the dog can hit the oven knobs....not a good thing.)
So crow away, you'll probably get a collective "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"
blackbird said…
Major Bedhead said…
What, you want to tempt the wrath of the whatever from high atop the thing? No? Then go outside, turn around three times and spit. What's the matter with you?

(Channeling The West Wing, but the sentiment holds.)
Stomper Girl said…
I agree with TFBYM. Fixit doesn't believe in the jinx part but he wouldn't say anything beforehand because he just doesn't believe in talking about it till it's true, if that makes sense. I gave you his version and mine because as you know we sometimes have parallels. In reverse.
shula said…
I'm with the wife.

But do it all the time.
Poppy Buxom said…
I say you either get to be a hide-bound traditionally religious person, or you get to be superstitious. Not both. Being both looks sloppy--like you haven't actually thought things through.

So either pray or knock on wood.

People who do both would bury a statue of St. Anthony upside down in their yard when their house doesn't sell. I wouldn't want to do that and then go to Heaven and bump into St. Anthony.

So if you're worried about the coffee machine, pray to Our Lady of Abundant Caffeine.
Joke said…
I was thinking of it as giving "Thou shalt not put the Lord thy God to the test." a more colloquial flavor.

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