A beautiful day and its discontents. UPDATED!

UPDATE! The plumber has just exited, and the offending segments of pipe have been replaced. We may now shower and perform our daily toilette, etc.* with impunity.

For all her sterling qualities, my beloved loves being outside.

I know, I know. Nobody's perfect.

Me? I love beautiful days, and they cheer me to no end when I see them on television. But for her, a beautiful day means that she must put herself in the sunlight and, to validate herself somehow, all and sundry must be dragged along.

Such as, say, today.

Today was/is a beautiful day. Something -- anything -- out-of-doors had to be undertaken. She settled on this back yard skimboard thing (basically a Slip 'n' Slide with a thin piece of wood shaped like a surfboard upon which one slides).

No sooner had all the assembled, er, assembled than she tugged at the hose the wrong way and cracked a bit of pipe and a geyser of water shot heavenwards. We were able to sort of patch it -- don't ask -- after much grumbling and muttered oaths but to be safe we had to shut off the water to the house.


* It's the moratorium on the "Etc." which vexes most in these cases.


Badger said…
Now me, I'm happy to sit on the porch or patio (within arm's length of the actual HOUSE, you understand), sipping a cocktail and smiling benignly at all the greenery. The worst thing that can happen is I might drop my drink, and it might be in a glass I particularly like.
Badger said…
Er, within arm's REACH of the actual house. And I haven't even HAD my cocktail yet!
Do you suppose I could send my hubs and kiddo down there to enjoy the outdoors with her? They love outdoors, I on the other hand, am totally content to stay in the house watching, the Law & Order marathon on TV, where there is no pollen to kill me.
My float said…
Did you remember to turn it back on?!
ooo, so she'd go camping with us then? When you come and visit?
Joke said…
Heather - By all means, send 'em along. My kids are somewhat moderate in their affections for fresh air and sunshine, but my beloved is the one who goes utterly mental at the sight of an azure sky.

MF - We await the plumber.

Kim - Just try and stop her. Especially if the place is one of those polysyllabic aboriginal mouthfuls with twelevty squajillion kinds of lovely exotic (to us) fauna that can kill you.
Poppy Buxom said…
I can't help but think of this as something of a waste. I mean, there you are, smack in the middle of Margaritaville, and you want to stay indoors. Whereas we have every reason to stay indoors, since if we want to enjoy a slip'n'slide day, we have to go to an indoor water park. Or one of those hotels that caters to consenting adults.

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