Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Clickage time again.

My latest review is up at Vinapedia.

Please click and keep me in free wine.

OK. Thanks. Bye.


Posted by Joke at 10:13 PM


  • Blogger Badger posted at 8:45 AM, April 15, 2009  
    South American Carmenere can be DIRT cheap, and I know this because I have actually purchased it and I only BUY dirt cheap (i.e., if it's more than $10/bottle, there'd better be a VERY special occasion attached).

    Also, if you haven't yet read Kingsley Amis's Everyday Drinking, you need to steal a copy tout de suite.
  • Blogger Joke posted at 9:08 AM, April 15, 2009  
    Thanks for the heads up!
  • Anonymous bec posted at 6:44 AM, April 16, 2009  
    Now, you know I'm not often seriously serious, but as Badger would say YO! This is drinking. It deserves your attention.

    So, it sounds like you need to soak yourself in the South Africans for a bit. They've been producing wine there since 1659 - with a French and German heritage 9(because the Catholics tossed them out of Europe, but we won't go there.)

    If history isn't enough for you, on a personal note I (became an alcoholic) learned to love the vine while living there, where it's almost a cottage industry in some places (along with coffee - you'd adore South Africa dude - minus the car-jacking, but you live in America, right?).

    Spend more time up the South African aisle. You'll be rewarded.

    And besides, you probably owe it to the Protestants.
  • Blogger BreadBox posted at 8:18 AM, April 16, 2009  
    Clickage provided. Now to look out for said pearl. Not likely to find it within a -- say -- 40 mile radius of this spot, but...
  • Anonymous joke posted at 10:07 AM, April 16, 2009  
    BB, it can be found online.

    B, I shall delve into the matter. Who knew of the viticultural proclivities of the Boers?
  • Blogger BreadBox posted at 9:28 PM, April 17, 2009  
    It can be found online, but in some states it is still (I believe) illegal to have it delivered.
    Even on a non-Sunday...
  • Blogger Joke posted at 9:32 PM, April 17, 2009  
    A little click-around online might show you that -- hey! -- you could be in luck.
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