A microscopic rant.

You know what I hate about blogging?

Running out of steam mid-post.

My Draft pile is littered -- festooned, even -- with half-written entries. I'd say a good 40% of my bloggy efforts have prematurely gone to that elephant graveyard, and most of those because midway through whatever I was writing the realization dawned I had nowhere to go. I may have had a valid point, but had no satisfactory way of putting it.

So it's shelved.

That's just happend to me. Yes! Just now! I won't spoil it by revealing the details, as there may be a solution to the half-bakedness in the morning or after a generous soaking of my synapses in espresso. The point remains it's frustrating.

You start off at a breakneck pace, afire with the very clevah idea that prompted you to immediate bloggery, and then you start groping for words. Then you move a sentence or two. Finally you realize: "Aw, @#$%. That's all I had."

Aw, @#$%. That's all I have.



blackbird said…
Better than nothing though.
shula said…
What? There's always supposed to be a point?

No one told me, dude.
Poppy Buxom said…
I never let that sort of thing bother me.Well, obviously.
Joke said…
Not so much a point as "a beginning, middle and end."

It's very disheartening to get off the starting line at a zillion miles (or, if you'd rather, km.) per hour only to reach paragraph three saying "What the @#$% am I talking about?"
MsCellania said…
The entire blogosphere is full of drivel. I can't imagine why you'd let your personal meanderings (the very word has ME in it) be something to worry about.
Joke said…
The meandering part I'm fine with, it's the meandering to get to teh middle of nowehre nd not having any idea how to get out.

For illustration, I offer the following sentence:

It drives me crazy when I start a sentence and then
meggie said…
It is not just when writing, this occurs...

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