Am I the only one?

Oh, sure.

LOTS of people speak of tolerance these days. But it seems only I practice it.

At least in terms of beverages.

If you think people have weird issues about food -- "Oh, I don't eat anything red." -- they get even weirder about the potable stuff.

The good thing is that sometimes you will see those on opposite sides of the issue start taking bites out of each other. Those who prefer a gin martini and those who opt for a vodkatini are legendarily at each other's throats. Slurs about blandness fly one way and insults about the vileness of botanicals are hurled in retaliation.

Rye drinkers sneer at bourbon drinkers, and so do Scotch drinkers who, in turn are sneered upon by cognac drinkers. Cocktailians are looked upon with great disdain by those who drink wine, and beer drinkers consider both to be insufferable.

And so the long Happy Hour wears on.

But Chez Joke is an oasis.

I like a tipple with no small frequency. And, and mark this as vital, so long as the stuff is of unimpeachable quality, I harbor no disdain for any ethanol based reviver. Tequila and rum, Canadian and Irish, Absinthe and Armagnac...they all find me a willing participant.

The thing is that the quality has to be there. I'd rather not have anything if it's crap. Which is a huge change from when my parents were my age. In those days, the "grownups" drank. MadMen is not 'zaggerating.

My friend D. insisted his grandmother has managed to hang on as long as she did by drinking rye Manhattans every day (one with lunch, one with dinner). I remember my dad coming from the office every day and having a little something. Them my mother would join him so he'd have another. Then wine with dinner and, during the weekend, a nightcap or two. Every day.

And my parents' friends (and my friends' parents) were equally absorbent.

The funny thing is that, going by the photographic evidence, almost all they drank was -- and there's no getting away from it -- shit. In some photo from ca. 1972 a bottle of a certain gin is visible. This stuff, which I will assume tasted then the way it tastes today, is no better than a perfumed turpentine, but there are my parents and their cronies...cheerfully drinking it. The list is endless.

The only solution to this is to become a drinking meritocrat.



Badger said…
You are reading my mind again and it's freaking me out. I SWEAR there is a post about what I'm drinking these days sitting in my drafts folder RIGHT NOW, written yesterday afternoon but not yet published.

But getting back to what YOU said, I find my liquor cabinet stocked with brands that most people I know do not buy themselves (Tito's, Forty Creek, Bellringer, etc.). I assume this is because while I demand quality and have very specific and occasionally perverse ideas as to what constitutes such, I am also an unrepentant cheapskate. AND I actually find it fun (yes, FUN) to experiment with the cheaper, less well-known brands to see what doesn't suck.

Added to which, I have a discount card at my local liquor store. 'Nuff said?
Joke said…
I am holding back a post on the perfect replacements for Chambord & Cointreau. Bettah AND cheapah.

Tito's is, natch, the bomb-diggety and worth the detour to The One Place Carrying It.


P.S. Your local liquor store has a dicount card??? I am deeply envious.
BabelBabe said…
and I thought H was the only person who would rather drink water than well scotch (many many weddings)...
that said, my potable fussiness comes form migraine-inducing alcohol. I have an excuse for my pickiness.
Badger said…
It gets better.

Certain things go on DEEP discount every week, but you only get the discount if you have the card (which is free, but you have to know to ASK for it). This is what has allowed me to try things I wouldn't ordinarily have tried. Turns out not only the distilleries with the massive advertising budgets make good booze -- WHO KNEW?

AND this particular store gives a 5% discount for cash to EVERYONE. Debit card counts as cash. Hellzyeah.
Joke said…

1- I'd rather go thirsty than drink [shudder] water. (Bubbly mineral water is OK, but it better have painful carbonation.)

2- There's a diff. between can't and won't.

3- There are SOME "well" liquors which are merely relabeled Big Fancy Brand liquors. (Castillo, for example, is relabeled Bacardi.)

Now ya know.
Joke said…

It is a testimony to your inner moral compass you're not 12-steppin' by this point.
Jen said…
It's one of my great regrets that I didn't drink more when I could, and that I absent-mindedly ordered the house chardonnay on so many occasions. Also, that I never got to try the tequila with the bee logo.
Poppy Buhk-suhm said…
My parents drank pretty respectable stuff, but that's because they drank a lot of bourbon on the rocks. They liked Old Fitzgerald, which isn't available any more.

And just so you know, George Dickel is the poor man's Jack Daniels.

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