This is all you need to know.

NOS went to a party last night.

He spent his time making "mocktails" and they were a hit.

Imagine what he'll do when he turns 12.


P.S. Here is his version of the "Virg-opolitan"
1 oz fresh lime juice (note the techniques of cutting the lime for maximum juice extraction, and for the extraction process)
1 oz simple syrup (the brown stuff next to the simple syrup -- the clear stuff -- is demerara sugar syrup)

1 dash orange flower water
1½ oz cranberry juice (the kind without corn syrup, etc.)
Shake over cracked ice, strain and serve in a stemmed, chilled cocktail glass -- incidentally, he shattered one while practicing -- with an orange twist.


Poppy Buhk-suhm said…
I'd call him a Mini-Me, except that would mean you were Dr. Evil. And you're really more Padre Parillada.
Joke said…
Oh, just wait. He's goint to put up videos of himself on YouTube making mocktails.

He intends to call himself "Mr. Mocktail."


PS I suggested "Trader Mock"

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