A thousand words

This is what it's like ovah heah. (Literally! Raining like mad!)



Frogdancer said…
Send some over here!

Still in drought. (Literally.)
Joke said…
We are, both perplexingly and officially, still in a drought. Even though we have been getting rain in buckets every day...but that's what happens when you have the gummint in charge of things.
Stomper Girl said…
I *really* like that photo.
Joke said…
The grating thing is that 2-3 years ago, the Really Big Lake which is the major reservoir for the whole state was full of water.

Full to the tippy-top.

This is what supplies the water whenever the rainfall is short. As I said it was very full. So the Brain Trust* decided to drain it substantially. In case we had another year where 4 major hurricanes hit within one month.

You can guess what happened next. No hurricanes. No rain. Half-empty lake. Massive water restrictions.

Just last month they announced the strictest ones yet. Then it started to rain an average of 2"/5cm every day for a month.

Naturally, the restrictions have yet to be lifted.



* Which I think means people who have never been entrusted with a brain
shula said…
Lucky buggers.

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