Updateness for June

The meeting I had on Thursday was an epic horror show. Olympically bad.

The meeting I had on Friday (most of the same people) was considerably less bad. Still bad, mind you, but significantly less so.

This week has sucked on colossal scale.

As a fun aside, I realized that when running on an adrenaline overdose, one doesn't really need to eat for 48 hours. Or sleep much. Or well.

But, there are pinprick-sized glimmers of hope. Let's pray for that.



Mary said…
Oh bloody hell J - this is getting ridiculous.

You are needing more than pinpricks of hope I suggest and so the prayers to the universe continue for you.
shula said…
Tell me about it.

which is why, when I'm told I'm off on a job, I really, REALLY need to actually do it. Coming down otherwise can take a week.

Hope it's all okay for you.
Bec TGWCB said…
You know we infidels don't pray down here, but will send the next best thing.

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