Things are still not good. They aren't worse, mind you, but not better. They may be slightly better (Deo volente) by this weekend, but we still have maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany more miles to go before I can sleep.

On the upside, I look quite distinguished in my grey hair, and I can prove that a grown man can sustain 9 months of constant heart rates in the 100-120bpm range.

However, blooging qua blogging is suffering* because, frankly, I find it difficult to muster the brain-strength to compose anything more complex than this.

So, for the moment, I'm on Twitter**



** Oh, how the mighty have fallen.


Mary said…
You have been on my mind and things still don't sound good for you.

Alas I am hopeless at tweeting so will have to rely on your random updates of le blog.

Thinking of you..
BreadBox said…
I absolutely refuse to follow you to twitterdom. Perhaps you can coalesce your twits into non-coherence and make blogs out of them.

Hoping things get less bad soon.,

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