50 Concerts, you say?

Mostly in no particular order.

1. Stray Cats. Sexy & 17 tour. They took requests, including one for "The Munster's Theme."
2. Michael Feinstein. Yes, I'm straight.
3. Ted Nugent. THE SINGLE LOUDEST SOUND I HAVE EVER HEARD. Some days the tic won't leave me.
4. Van Halen
5. George Thorogood & The Delaware Destroyers. VERY blues-y set. I liked.
6. Jeff Beck. VERY jazz-y set. I liked.
7. The Eagles.
8. Rolling Stones. Stadium, but not bad.
9. Motley Crue.
10. Melissa Etheridge (I know, she's a future musical footnote, but it was OK)
11. AC/DC. Pretty bloody loud, but definitely no Ted Nugent.
12. Agent Orange. The ONLY act I have ever seen to ask the crowd to calm down.
13. INXS
14. David Bowie. Not as bad as I had feared.
15. Squeeze. London, 1985. Nice.
16. Joan Jett
17. The Ramones
18. Talking Heads.
19. Devo. Much better than you'd've thought, especially if you fetishize dystopia.
20. Rockats.
21. Eric Clapton. I'm guessing it was his heroin phase.
22. Queen. Stadium show, but pretty good.
23. Off Kilter.
24. Smithereens. Surprisingly good.
25. Blondie.
26. Beach Boys. They kinda looked like The Beach Retirees, but BW had taken his meds, so it was good.
27. Jimmy Buffet. Really, really fun show. The drunk:stoner ratio was HEAVILY skewed to the former.
28. Albert Collins. "Ain't nobody leavin' without singin' the blues."
29. Pink Floyd. "Wow, man. The Floyd."
30. Heart. Before the estrogen soaked into the sheet music.
31. Steely Dan. I KNOW!
32. The Knack.
33. The Who. Their first farewell tour.
34. Big Country.
35. Journey. No, I'm not proud of that, but they didn't actively suck.
36. Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band (the show at Brendan Byrne was better than the stadium show)
37. The Blasters.
38. The GoGos. Got backstage. Those girls drank a LOT back in 1982. There is a "rest of the story" being saved for an opportune moment.
39. The Hooters.
40. Lone Justice.
41. J. Geils. Their albums were not even a millionth as great as their live act.
42. Depeche Mode. Surprisingly not bad.
43. The Police
44. The Ventures
45. Cheap Trick
46. Bangles. Phoned it in that night.
47. Pretenders
48. ZZ Top. A great show
49. The Kinks. Meh.
50. Berlin. Got backstage. In hindsight, it proved hilarious.


Mary said…

How did you remember all of these?
Joke said…
By skipping my drug phase entirely.
Badger said…
Who needs drugs? It's the alcohol that's killed off the brain cells wherein resided my memories of a good 60% of the concerts I've attended.

Also, I've seen Nugent multiple times and y'know who's louder? The Scorpions. The last time I saw them in concert, ~20 years ago, it was like a physical assault. PAINFUL.
Joke said…
I couldn't multitask. It was either drink or attend a concert.
Stomper Girl said…
"Got" backstage???? You are awesome.
Joke said…
Yeah. At the time I worked for the University newspaper and managed to bluff my way backstage more than once.

Pending publication I have a post -- nowhere near in shape enough to post, plus I'm waiting for a proper triggering episode --wherein I contrast Berlin backstage vs. the GoGos backstage. (That alone should serve as a hint.)

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