...and now, a brief...er...something.

I take this moment to wax rhapsodic about Thanksgiving.

Later on I'll repost my recipes, and even the Complete Unedited True Story of Thanksgiving.

But first, I must do my little, awkward best to 'splain why I love it so.

As you read before, this holiday has a lot going for it. It's got the God thing without being too specific about which version of God is being mentioned, and all that. But it's what it doesn't have that really gets me excited.

No cards, no gifts to buy, not much in the way of decoration (turn your jack o'lantern's around and you're done) and not much in the way of commercialization once you exit the halls of foodieness. For the most part, most people celebrating Thanksgiving have a remarkably similar menu; something of a feat when you're talking about +/-300M people.

But, and let's be honest here, I must say I revel in the accolades. People love what I cook (maybe they're just happy they don't have to cook) and I can tell they are going to love it by the way the verious items are coming along.

I especially love that NOS and NTS want to help (moreso the former than the latter, possibly because NOS gets to wield knives and NTS isn't quite at that stage). NOS is also loving the attention and accolades while NTS simply likes tasting things all along. So it's an ol' man and his lads, flailing away with knives and fires.

Now you know.



cary perk said…
Enjoy the cooking with your boys and the accolades, that are sure to follow.

I agree with you on it being the best holiday - where all the family enjoys the (almost) exact same meal the way we've done it for years, and the recipes and methods have been perfected.
I added green onion, pancetta & parmesan rolls this year, so we'll see how that goes over. Aside from that, the only new item is Tory Burch's salmon spread, which we're serving with champagne to get things rolling.

Enjoy your "host with the most" role to the max!
Joke said…
I have a not so secret crush on Tory Burch, as you may recall.

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