But before I do.

Much swampedness, some (!) of it actually good and positive.


Before I get all hopped up on writing about these developments, I have a VERY strange, important and oddly minor favor to ask, for a client.

We're looking for suggestions of unknown-in-the-USA children's authors and/or book series. Can't exactly tell you why or divulge much. Even better would "up and coming" authors of such a type. Feel free to answer in the combox.

More to come.



Suse said…
Penni Russon
Enid Blyton (not exactly up and coming but not well known in the US I believe)
Emily Rodda (BRILLIANT)
Stomper Girl said…
Anna Fienberg (Australian, the Tashi series)
Lynley Dodd (NZ, Hairy Maclary)
Pamela Allen (Mr McGee, Australian)
Mem Fox (Australian)
Mo Willems (Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus)
Kiwi Lindsay said…
Not sure if this will help, but it's just been NZ Book Month (October) here, and there have been reviews on many NZ children's authors here http://inastrangeland.wordpress.com/2009/10/31/a-month-of-books/#comments (another blog I lurk at), and links to others.

Not having children, I was amazed at the variety of books about our own country we produce for children now; certainly not many NZ stories were available in my childhood (1960's).

I'm not sure how many of these NZ authors are known in America (possibly Margaret Mahy, Lynley Dodd and Joy Cowley?), but maybe it's a place to start...

Good luck!
Joke said…
THANKS one and all! (Keep 'em coming.)
Bec said…
So tempting to comment on the impossibility of capturing the sheer scale of non-American things that Americans don't know about.

However, being helpful instead, I'd say ditto to the above suggestions and add these which are more at the Young Adult end of the kids market
Isobelle Carmody
Catherine Jinks
Jaclyn Moriaty

Garth Nix? Australian but maybe one who is better know OS than here.

Back to kids, and Patricia Wrightson's books are brilliant and very Australian. Also Elyne Mitchell.

Can't say enough good things about Lynley Dodd as a children's author and illustrator - my kids all loved the Hairy Maclary books so much I can still recite large chunks at will. Beats the pants off Mem Fox, even if that is un-Australian of me. I'll say it now: Possum Magic is over-rated.


ps - since it's been so long between comments, I'm going to add my guess at the secret business proposition:
It's a chain of stores called "You Didn't Get It from Us", making clever use of "us" and "U.S." in the signage. Aimed at the better travelled and educated American, particularly those with young children, the stores will offer products that allow purchasers to continually bring up their past travels and world-awareness to their friends and family, while simultaneously supporting third world countries like, well, New Zealand I guess. (Sorry Lindsay).

I should send you my new email so you can tell me if I'm close (and cut me in on the naming rights)
Joke said…

Send me that email address. I'd say you're about 35% of the way there and that's all I can say before a horde of litigators descend upon me to ingest my innards.

louise said…
Hi...some Australians for you: Gus Gordon...author/illustrator of Wendy- fantastic new picture book.
Leigh Hobbs-Old Tom books(picture books).
Frances Watts- Ernie and Maude, a great series for under eights.
R L Spratt- the Nanny Piggins books (very funny, the nanny is a pig).
BreadBox said…
Well, I was going to add some names, but
it seems that everyone got there before me.
We loved Lynley Dodd when the kids were small, and sold a lot of people on them. Mem Fox is brilliant too, but I think quite well known.
Blyton died a long time back, so not exactly up and coming except in the pushing up daisies sense. Rather old-fashioned.

For authors not yet named (or I missed them):
There are a bunch of good Canadian authors too: Robert Munsch is less well known (except for "I'll Love You Forever") than he ought to be.
There's a lovely series of books: Peg and the Yeti, Peg and the Whale, etc. by an Ken Oppel.
But none of these are unknown, just little known, and their books are available here.

Kiwi Lindsay said…
Bec, you're forgiven (along with the 1,000,000+ other Australians that have visted these fair shores over the last 12 months... anything to keep our economy running :-) ).

Another source (maybe) a NZ publisher that specialises in NZ childrens books (and is Lynley Dodd's publisher too) see http://www.mallinsonrendel.co.nz/index.asp. Apparently being sold later this year to another publishing house (Penguin NZ).

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