Thanksgiving's basics.

Notwithstanding the experiment (see previous post) with the
BBQ-smoker, as a service to humanity here are my Thanksgiving recipes, all in one easy to access lump. in mind the above recipe is sheer heresy; its purpose is to have the potatoes absorb as much dairy as is humanly, er, potatobly, possible. Yell at hyper-chef Joel Robuchon whose Three Michelin Star mashed potatoes have a ratio of 2:1 potatoes to butter. Stop and ponder that.) (pedantic types will complain that pecans and maple do not belong together, but I say this shows post-Civil War unity)
and for people to see exactly what it all entails:

As I have already beat-to-death, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday despite my (and NOS the sous-chef and NTS the appliance switch operator) having to sling out foodstuffs for a brigade of friends and relatives.

This year NOS has been assigned his very own turkey. I'll try to get footage of NOS wielding a knife. We love this because other members of the ::cough, cough:: family go all Chief-Inspector-Dreyfus when they see a 10 year old handling something sharp. I'm sure the lovely and gracious Tere knows WTF I'm going on about.

In a few minutes, I head directly for the butcher and pick up my order.

Doing it this way not only helps out the butcher (which in turn keeps the supply of excellent and unusual edibles coming my way) but a vastly superior turkey is had at a very comparable in price. I'd blater further, but I have to press on, as there are 50+ for whom to cook.



Frogdancer said…
50 plus?

You're a legend. There's no way I'd attempt that feat. You must be very popular around your neck of the woods!
My goodness it is just lovely to have you back.
Tere said…
Heheheheh, I do!!

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