Unrelated unrelatedness.

This post will be the equivalent of cleaning out my fridge. You've been warned.

1- I had to subject myself to some of the more unsavory outlying members of my gene pool yesterday. Even though it was INFINITELY less bad than feared, it has still soured my mood to this very moment. I simply don't like those people. My little fantasy is that someday it turns out either they or I are adoptees.

2- Numbah One Son is still crushing on a girl 33% older than he. His judgment cannot be faulted, as she seems utterly delightful. Charming, attractive (in an upmarket girl-next-door way), athletic, and all that. Granted, he is growing up to be a young man of admirable standards...but at some point attainability must rear its impertinent head. Compounding the problem is that yesterday at a Christmas not-quite-party, she went up to him, pecked him on the cheek and wished him a lovely Christmas.

It took him almost an hour to descend from the ceiling.

Fortunately, he is still not old enough to do something realllllllly embarrassing. But I am dreading the eventuality of him writing an abysmal sonnet, or something equally ghastly. When I think about the imbecilities which I committed in my early years, I am amazed the tic ever left me.

3- My laptop is dead, long live my laptop. It seems an article of faith that no two models of laptop can ever share a keyboard layout, so I am making even more typing mistakes than usual.

4- My AWESOME espresso machine is on life support. It can wheeze an excellent shot, but before it can perform that little miracle once more, it must be allowed a refractory period best measured with a sundial. This is vexing.

5- The thing I am not trying to jinx could still benefit from your chants, prayers, indigenous dances, etc.

That is all.



1-Yes, I know, I feel the same way about certain relatives of mine.
2-AWW!! NOS's first love! Bless his heart-I hope she doesn't stomp on it.
Prayers ascending!
Joke said…
I think she'd be likely to be innocently oblivious to it.
Mary said…
Merry Christmas to you and yours Joke.

Still doing the anti jinx jig over here along with some chanting...
BreadBox said…
Chanting Merry Christmas, dancing Happy New Year to you and yours!

Poppy Buxom said…
We're all chanting like Masai warriors, also praying to our particular Reformed variety of God.

How did you manage to update your blog and I missed it? I thought you were literally cleaning the refrigerator until I read this. Thy metaphors, they dazzle me.

Let me know if you'd like me to custom-write a sonnet for Young Master Joke. I won two poetry awards with one I wrote in college. Yes, I won an award as an undergraduate and then entered the same poem in a contest in graduate school. Call it literary recycling. And I'm not just green, I'm greedy. Money was involved.

Should Poppette be jealous?
Joke said…
In college and grad. school I derived incom by custom-writing papers for people.

Poppette, for now, can rest easy. NOS is in a "qui procul ab oculis, procul a limite cordis" frame of mind.

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