NYE's post mortem

Short version: The foodie/cocktailian potluck was pretty good.

Longer version: The salmon/blini thing FLEW. Even a couple of hours after they had disappeared, people meandered by the server as if a new platter would materialize. This leads me to the conclusion that some of you might be getting a gravlax and a jar of blini mix (add egg & milk).

The artichoke thing went down well also. But the salmon was the colossal hit.

Drinkswise, limoncello sours, Buena Vistas (a mint daiquiri or soda-less mojito, if you will) and Lapu-Lapu were the big deals. A few Mai-Tais were also slung out.

Someone else made a great flan, and a pretty good chili was there to be had.

By 12:03am I was utterly exhausted.

Today I am running on pure caffeine. I'd hate to see what my adrenal gland looks like today...I'm figuring it may resemble a rather abused walnut.

Happy Twenty Ten.



Mary said…
Dear Joke - the happiest New Year to you and yours.

J and I threw a party to farewell foul old 2009 ... he did (he is a sublime cook) 24 hour roast shoulder of pork and a fillet of beef which had been laced with pork fat -

Little tiny steps ovah heah...
Meggie said…
Dear Joke & Family,
I wish you and yours, the heartiest of Years, for the 2010 months to come.
Hugs, XX

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