Online focus group.

OK. For those wanted to participate in this online focus group, instructions:

There are 4 logo & 4 "slogan" options.

Pick 1* of each.

This product** is aimed at both industrial users (supermarkets, food processors, etc.) & consumers. It's an all-natural spray (org. cert. pend.) which keeps food both a) fresh for 14-21 days & b) eliminates ALL foodborne pathogens such as e. coli, salmonella etc.

Comments VERY welcome, but strictly optional.

Since different computers/browsers/operating systems will result in different layouts, please let me know which option (and slogan) you prefer...Option A, Option B, etc.



P.S. Let me know if there are issues viewing the file, it's a PDF

* More on that next post.

** If you think one works better for industrial users, and another one better for consumer users, let me know also, but pick your favorites.


MsCellania said…
#2 (the first logo on upper right.
Clear and clean looking, conveys that it's a spray, with the oh-so-trendy indication that it's a 'green' product.
Joke said…
Is that Option A or B? (This file has a slightly different layout on different computers/browsers.0

sueeeus said…
Option B. Simple, clean, direct. The spray conveys spray as well as Aha! This is a great idea. Nice, crisp clean friendly font, all conveying cleanliness, which supports freshness and safety.

For words, I vote for line 1, again for simplicity, but why not add safety in there, since that's an important aspect of the product? "The all natural way to keep produce fresh and safe" The other word options are either too long or don't read well.

Reasons against other options:
Option C - the flower reminds me of the nuclear/atomic symbol, which doesn't inspire safety.
Option A - the grass patch makes me first think of lawns, not lettuce.
Option D - too casual, like you're not taking the logo seriously, so why take the product seriously

Too much feedback? It was fun -- thanks for the opportunity!
BabelBabe said…
Option A. Option B makes it look like a sprinkler. Btw, I think Envirogarde Option C makes it sound like a feminine hygiene product, but that's just the way my weird brain works. I would ditch the grass patch on Option A, though.

Word wise, I like Keep your produce naturally fresh and safe. I like action verbs : )
Anonymous said…
I like options A and B. I don't mind the "lawn" effect on the bottom of A, but I think I like the 360 degree spray in B better than the spritz in A. Option C's logo reminds me of feminine products, and the crossed things in Option D immediately made me think "en guarde" as in fencing.

First tag line is the best. The others seem muddled.
daysgoby said…
Option B - clean, crisp looking, easily read. HOWEVER, there's a replanting green spaces organization called everGREEN (.ca) and the sparkler might be viewed as a tree.

Option A would be a lot more effective without the grass. Pair that one with a tagline that mentions 'spray' and it'd be good.

Honestly, Option C looks really generic to me and Option D looks medicinal, like a feminine hygiene product box. (Babel B, we think alike. *grin*)


Tagline 1 sticks out the most to me - simple and effective. Tagline 2 makes me think I should have my lettuces locked up, Tagline 3 and 4 are fine and very descriptive, although wordy ....although 4 works better for me, as 3 says non-toxic and Food Safety right next to each other, which makes me start to think of how on earth could something made of chemicals be safe for food??

This was fun! Will you let us know what they ended up with?
blackbird said…
Option A, tagline 1.
Katy said…
If these are the only choices, then Option B for logo, Line 2 for slogan.

If there was mixing and matching allowed, I prefer the one direction spray of Option C, but the lawn at the bottom makes me think "fertilizer. not at all safe. Do these marketers think I'm an idiot who is going to put grass stuff on food?" while the one direction spray somehow makes me feel better that the packaging isn't going to make a mess in my kitchen.

Option C logo makes me think of Cargill and Monsanto and various "life sciences" companies that make the crazy food that we all eat but I try not to think too hard about. Option D logo looks like it should be used for internal business plans and marketing materials, not as a logo for an actual product.

Slogan 3 would be good for an industrial/commercial user, but not for marketing to the end user. It conveys a certain amount of seriousness that plays well to the people who have to write reports about why the product should be purchased, but not to women in the grocery store aisles.

I'll stop rambling now. Hope that helps.
teachergirl said…
Option A; I like the spray bottle. I also like the way the slogan is spread out on the grass. Good enough?
louise said…
Hi...I like the line that starts with"Keep your..." and I like the logo with the grass and spray.
Jana said…
Option A, tagline 1 (And should "all natural" be hyphenated?)
judi said…
maybe too late
Option A
tagline 2
clean and direct
louise said…
I like B and D. Maybe D the best.
And I also think option C looks like something else.

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