Dear Internet,

1- If you an email, allegedly from me, from my Yahoo account...delete it unread. 'Tis vile spammery or worse.

2- Dad came home yesterday, almost exactly three months after being hospitalized. His condition is "eh." Some days he is amenable and agreeable, other days he is combative and unpleasant. His body is pretty atrophied and the rehab center was borderline useless. (They'd ask him if he wanted to do some therapy and he invariably said "no" and then they'd say "OK, then!" and take an early lunch hour. Not happy.)

For reasons I haven't quite fully understood -- nor with which I entirely agree -- everything he eats has to be pureed. Allegedly he is in danger of aspiration (I don't believe he is, but after 30 years of nobody listening to me when I've been right, I'm inured to my role as Cassandra of the Tropics.)

This is pretty tough all over. Toughest on my mom because, hey, that's the man she's loved since she was a 19 year old girl. Tough on my sister because she was the offspring my dad "got." It's tough on me, but this is tempered by the fact my relationship with my dad was, until VERY recently, not the most cordial. (No, there is nothing worthy of an unauthorized Hollywood biography.) But my dad and I had and have vastly different temperaments and he saw it as his mission to mold mine to his, never minding that mine was not particularly malleable. (Still isn't; ask TFBIM.)

It was only recently when he started becoming fully aware of the magnitude of his imminent decline that he mellowed and became more approachable. This isn't to say I never loved him, or that he never loved me...blahblahblah. He was simply not easy to approach and I don't think his temperament allowed him the flexibility to approach me.

3- In lighter news, NOS -- he's only 12, mind -- has become rather fond of holding court and fascinating 16- and 17-year old hotties with his tales of making sushi, discussing BBC programs* and other man-of-the-world things.

So there.


* He saw the whole Narnia (w. me) & Jane Austen (w. TFBIM) cycles, and so was able to provide sage wisdom and insight into some of the books the young ladies had to read for school.


The news about your Dad is just not good. No way to sugar coat that one.

You could basically turn this blog into the parental diary of NOS and OMG it'd be aaaaawwwwwwesome.
Joke said…
My dad's situation looks pretty grim, yes.

I may turn my bloggy attention to the parenting of NOS (and, in due course, I s'pose, NTS) which would give ample warning to everyone to lock up their daughters.

For the record -- and Jen D. (are you here?) will attest to this -- but NOS has always been an appalling flirt. He flirted shamelessly (!) with the selfsame Jen when he was but 7, and her then-BF right there.
Stomper Girl said…
It must be nice for your Dad to be home again, fingers crossed that he will improve just because he's out of hospital. And good to hear that the 2 of you are linking hands across the divide.
Stomper Girl said…
and PS how is NOS coming into contact with 17 yo hotties? I hope they're not his babysitters?
Joke said…
The hotties tend to be sisters of friends, or friends of cousins (or cousins of friends) that sort of thing.

He wants to learn how to massage now.
Paola said…
Sorry about your dad.

And may I say I heart NOS. He sounds really COOL.
Massage no less!

Don't miss my WF: madnes
Poppy Buxom said…
He may massage anyone he likes. Except my daughter. (He won't be able to reach her anyway, because she's locked up, per your instructions.)

I'm sorry your father is so poorly. I'm sure he'll do a little better being at home.

This must be very hard on you all. I'll keep you in my prayers.
MsCellania said…
So sorry about your dad.
Please do post regularly about the rigors of raising NOS.
wv is kafaked. Which would be your father at this point. That care center needs to be brought to some oversight agencies' attention.
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