Ah. Well. Yes.

I have absolutely nothing to say.


At all.







I could very well grab any random post from the last 3 months (either of them...ahem) and repost it here and it would be truthful and accurate.

But I won't.

Because I respect you, Internet.

Instead, I will see

1- How entertainingly I can write about the current nothingness, or
2- Write nothing until something semi-coherent materializes around my frontal lobe and filters to the keyboard.

I suspect the former.

I meant to have a lovely ceviche recipe, but several of the readership have mentioned how it's still snowing, and a cool dish of cured seafood seems all wrong when Mother Nature has clad herself with a placid mantle of while global warming. So I have stayed my hand. It was also consumed before I had an opportunity to photograph it, and I haven't had a chance to run out and get more scallops and shrimp therefor. Which is a pity, because ovah heah it has been hotter and muggier than Satan's armpit, and something in the ceviche line would have hit the proverbial spot.

So now you know to be on standby.



Badger said…
Those of us who live in Satan's OTHER armpit are Waiting.
blackbird said…
So status quo, then?
Joke said…
bb - The status, as you ably note, remains quite quo.

Paola - Agrodolce far niente.

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