...in which our hero realizes he has, officially, become ancient and decrepit.

My cell* phone died today.

So I went to get another. For reasons which have yet to be adequately explored, when you go to the phone store, you will see manifestly inferior phones for a patillion dollars, and then you'll see phones with enough computing capacity to suit three of NASA and most of NORAD for a mere bag-of-shells.

There are arcane and byzantine rules governing the pricing of these, even more absurd and impenetrable than those governing airline tickets. But, the price for what I wanted was right, and I leapt at it. (Cynics would say that what I wanted was because of what was cheapest, not YOU, of course, but cynics...)

It's a touchscreen phone with a moderate amount of bells and whistles. Came with a pouch, and an ear thingy which I'll lose soon, and chargers and so forth. Then I got it out of the box and started to try certain features, which began to vex me almost immediately.

So, reflexively, I turned to NOS and said "You. YOU. Set this bloody thing up."

And he did. In 2 minutes.

I am now practically a fossil.




Oh dear, I am so sorry! ;-)
Stomper Girl said…
That's funny. Also. You say bloody? Pardon my ignorance, but I didn't really think many Americans used that word. We love it here.
Paola said…
Sadly I've been realizing that for a while now. There are so many things that will bring me to hit that wall and ME don't like it.
blackbird said…
Any time something in our office needs tech assistance I say: WE need a 14 year old boy. Most folks know what I'm talking about.
Badger said…
Dude. Welcome to my world.
Joke said…
It's appalling. Last week I knew everything and now I am a sniveling cretin.

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