In which our hero succumbs to a cyber-fad

I am always wary of blog contests. I realize I am being lured into something not for grand and noble purposes, but rather, merely to inflate someone's readership. So I generally skip those, being deeply principled and unimpressed with the prize.

But my principles, as anyone who knew me back during my Wilderness Years will attest, can be malleable.

So I make this embarrassing-ish deviation from policy because the prize of a certain blog contest is so wonderful, containing, by my estimation, a small fortune's worth of ardent spirits of unimpeachable quality.

My purity cannot be swayed for, say, a $25 gift card from [insert retailer here] -- much as I enjoy [retailer] -- but when one is offering wildly rare and somewhat expensive spirituous liquors representing the very zenith of the distiller's art...well, I can tell my purity to take the day off.

So, basically, stand by for a blog post in the next 3-4 days that might prove a craven and unabashed attempt to win some highly coveted (I cannot emphasize sufficiently how hard to find these particular bottles are) potables.

Ya done been warned.



Paola said…
We all have our soft spot. Even you.

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