Like a tapas bar.

This post won't have any one Main Thing.

For better or worse, there ISN'T one to be had, so you'll have to graze contentedly on amouse bouches until otherwise directed.

1- Now I know why they call them "smart phones." Because they are, and you, you decrepit post-pubescent ruin, are most emphatically not.

2- My espresso machine is, quite possibly, possessed. Would you believe it if I told you it makes espresso for nobody in the middle of the night? (The concept that ghosts, etc. need the caffeine will not be entertained.)

3- The Compliment of the Year. Late last week, someone found me on FB. Someone whom I had not seen in almost 30 years. In the middle of an email volley she chimed in with "OMG, even on the Internet you sound exactly like the guy you were 30 years ago." Don't let the grey hair fool you kids, I still have the same immature outlook I did back in 1981.

4- I saw that. (You know who you are.)

5- Youth can be determined by whether you qualify a given situation as "exciting" or "stressful." I am not used to, having concluded an exciting/stressful day, being nearly comatose with sleepiness. WTF?

6- Kentucky Derby aside, I'm actually not all that crazy about mint juleps (or, to be fair, mojitos) and, in fact, I consider mint rather underwhelming.

7- Mint feels the same way about me, refusing to grow in my garden.

8- Aging beef at home is worth the moderate inconvenience.

9- Why is it parts of me that were perfectly discomfort-free at 7pm on Monday are a mass of aches at 7am on Tuesday? (You see why I don't sleep? That's when they get ya.)

10- I'm puzzled as to why some people age better than others. Even more puzzled by people who get more attractive as they age. Trying to join the latter camp.

Carry on,



Badger said…
So how old DID you turn last month, anyway?
Joke said…
90, from the feel of it.
Jen said…
IME, the people who age well are usually men. For example, a certain man I know with 6 children always looks crisp and refreshed, whereas his wife looks very much like a person with 6 children.

Not. Fair.

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