Foodie weakness.

I need to work on three areas. My breads, my pastry and my cakes. I want to develop one go-to, "I have it wired to my synapses" recipe for each. Whenever I make something I have to refer to whatever cookbook I am using as if I were reading the manual for a defibrillator or a bomb-defusing manual.

These should be relatively simple (NOT dumbed down) and with short-ish ingredient lists.

Feel free to suggest.



I have such recipes for:
-a shortcrust pastry that works for sweet and savoury recipes
-a hot water pastry for savoury pies when using an already hot filling
- a quasi sourdough pain rustique recipe which stops me attempting any other bread recipe because it always works and is so very tasty
- a sensational simple buttercake recipe, perfect for cakes, cupcakes, jellycakes
- an equally easy and successful chocolate cake recipe that is apparently a blue-ribbon winner at Sydney's Royal Easter Show.

Let me know how you want them - emailed or links to them on my blog.
Paola said…
There you have it.
I could never top Kim.
In fact, dearest Kim, why don't you share with us all now that you put it in the open.
Badger said…
Dude, you of all people must procure a copy of Michael Ruhlman's Ratio. It's like it was written JUST FOR YOU. "Two parts this to one part that to three parts this other thing = pie crust." Or words to that effect. No more recipes as long as you know the ratios. You can use a spreadsheet!
Joke said…
Kim, please, linky goodness.

Badge, I thought that was merely an app. I will seek.
BreadBox said…
For pastry (shortcrust) I go with Julia and Jacques's recipe: the key is to cube the butter into small chunks, chill it in the flour for a couple of hours, then process until mealy.

For bread: King Arthur Baking has a recipe for Pain Levain, to which I add a little yeast after the autolyse period. Very simple, works with sourdough or non, and very very good.

For desserts (not cake, per se, since it is flourless) I go with Julia and Jacques again: their Roulade au chocolat is superb.

All three of these recipes are simple, and foolproof so long as you take the appropriate steps (like sticking the butter and flour in the freezer for the pastry dough).
Joke said…
I am praying these will be memorizable! Thanks, all!
BreadBox said…
The bread and the roulade I make from memory most times. The pastry is simple enough, but I don't make it often enough for the ratios to stick in my memory.

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