The promised assortedness.

Still, there is no One Great Thing about which to write.

So I will try to fill up this space with (one hopes) entertaining miscellanea.

1- Steal these wines. It seems the Vinapedia site is down, a victim of the Slightly Less Great Depression. So I must make my suggestions here:

Las Rocas 2007 Bodegas San Alejandro Garnacha Calatayud - Brilliant garnet. Velvety cherry and framboise on the nose, with hints of coffee, anise and cocoa. Bit of "smoky" going on, with elegant underlying tannins. Light but long finish. At $10, this is a steal.

Primus 2007 Veramonte Colchagua Valley - I've mentioned these wines before, and this Bordeaux blend remains an astonishing bargain. Deep scarlet. Fresh raspberry/blackberry aroma, that carry through to the palate, along with a tart sort of raisiny/minerally something, and some cocoa notes are lurking there too. Modest tannins show up if you aereate it. You can let it spend some time in the cellar and your patience would be rewarded. Good finish, decent length and just sharp enough.

2- Blogfests. I shan't name names, but some among the assembled like traipsing off to events where other bloggers of similar description gather for, as The Master wrote, "browsing and sluicing." Which is fine. I've never understood the desire to gather with fellow-blogging lefthanders or redheads or [insert demographic category here] but we live in a pluralist society and so, when this sort of thing is announced, up goes my banner of live-and-let-live.

In slight contradistinction, I am the sort who likes to gather with fellow travelers. The problem being there are so very few of these as to make the whole proposition somewhere between useless and unfeasible. Until now. An event hath crossed mine radar, and I wish to attend it and bloggify therefrom.

Therefore, it is my intention to travel to New Orleans and attend this stellar confab and, for the benefit of my reading public, blog live.

This won't be easy.

After all, this is an event specifically created for the immoderate consumption of spirituous liquors, for refreshing oneself generously with the finest of the distiller's art, with the alchemy wrought on ardent spirits by "mixologists of tipulars." Combine this with my abysmal typing skills and daily entries may resemble Scrabble games at Happydale Sanatorium.

But I press on regardless.

3- Someone approached me about starting a for-profit newsletter devoted to "the finest things in life, for those who are cheap, broke or both." I thought it intriguing but was unsure of whether there is enough of a market for that. Discuss.

That is all.



Paola said…
I like that. Can't wait. Live blogging from the Big Easy ...
Joke said…
I hope I am legible!
BreadBox said…
I'm sure the market is there. I'm not sure it would support the price!
Major Bedhead said…
Oh, I would love a newsletter like that, being both broke and cheap. Although I prefer the term thrifty.

I unpacked a box yesterday that had 2 Shag postcards in it and it made me think of you (and thus, visit your blog - I've fallen off the map on blog reading lately).

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