...aaaaaand they're off.

Third day of school and I am already exhausted.

NOS on the golf team, NTS has a couple of afterschool things from before, NOS's homework is getting overwhelming in terms of complexity and volume.

In combination with work stuff both good and bad (50-50 these days, which is a colossal improvement from the Very Dark Days of 2009) I am EXHAUSTED.

I am tempted to relax with a soothing grownup beverage -- today is National Whisk(e)y Sour Day -- but I know that if I did, I'd collapse in a comatose heap.



Badger said…
I am relaxing with an adult beverage (some sort of Argentinian red; I can't be arsed to go find the bottle and check) specifically BECAUSE it will cause me to collapse in a comatose heap.

Second day of school here. All is astonishingly swell with the boy child and high school. He loves his classes, likes his teachers, has learned his way around, managed to get on the right bus after school (!!! this is miracle quality stuff) and reports many cute girls who seem to think he is also cute.

Girl child loves all of her classes and teachers except for one substitute who appears to be appallingly stupid and penalized the girl child because SHE (the sub) cannot read instructions properly. A call to the vice principal (thus far unreturned) ensued, along with a nastygram to the sub in question. So, the jury is still out there.

Yeah. Exhausted. That might be the word.

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