Monday, August 23, 2010

Context, subject to revision and extension.



The lovely and gracious bb demands context to the photos appended in the penultimate series of posts.


There were:
650 different "official" cocktails served.
13,000 pounds of ice.
16,000 mint leaves
16,000 lemons
14,250 limes
212 pounds of sugar
224 pints of blackberries and blueberries
120 gallons lime juice
102 gallons lemon juice
55 gallons grapefruit juice
31 gallons pineapple juice
35 gallons tomato juice
95 gallons simple syrup
950 Luxardo cherries
450 cucumber wheels
10 gallons double syrup
8 gallons honey
100 pints of raspberries
1400 orange twists
1200 lemon twists
1250 lime twists
940 lemon wheels
400 lemon wedges
430 lime wedges
350 sticks of celery
18,000 bottles of mineral water.

The most popular people there were Australians* whom I contend were really ministering angels. On Sunday morning they saved countless lives with their soothing, prayerful words:

"Bit of Berocca'll fix you up, mate."

I have NFI what Berocca is, or whether it's a byproduct of sacrificing innocents, but it certainly ranks up there with likely candidates for raising the dead. What it did for a rather exuberant contingent of some we're-here-without-our-families Bostonians must rank up there as the most impressive comeback since Lazarus.

All the time I was enjoying these potables, my family was hiking (!) through the wilds of Tennessee, touching leaves and treading on insects. I had to excuse myself because of a) this and my responsibilities to you, The Internet, b) Me, hiking? outdoors? are you mental? c) there was a cabin involved and d) no wi-fi. (I know!)

So while those I had offsprung were forced to ride horses and crunch twigs underfoot, I threw myself into my work, so zealous I am for my vocation.




* The best bar tools, bar none and by unanimous acclaim, are from Australia.

Posted by Joke at 9:15 AM


  • Blogger Paola posted at 10:04 AM, August 23, 2010  
    Ah the power of Bb.
    And WOW is all I can say.
  • Blogger kim at allconsuming posted at 5:53 PM, August 23, 2010  
    DUDE - I am so proud of my countryfolk.

    Berocca? That is freakin' hilarious. Do you want me to send you a box? You could become the American distributor.
  • Blogger Joke posted at 6:18 PM, August 23, 2010  
    What IS Berocca?
  • Blogger blackbird posted at 9:24 PM, August 23, 2010  

    Thank you.

    (Who *counted* all that stuff?)
  • Blogger BabelBabe posted at 4:45 PM, August 24, 2010
  • Blogger Joke posted at 8:56 AM, August 25, 2010  
    That's the stuff. They could could have sold it in New Orleans for prices that would make Mexican druglords blush with shame.
  • Blogger Suse posted at 8:08 AM, August 26, 2010  
    You don't have Berocca?!

    "Berocca gives you back your b-b-bounce".

    Bloody great, mate.
  • Blogger Suse posted at 8:08 AM, August 26, 2010  
    ps. I meant to add, it's fizzy Vitamin B.
  • Blogger Joke posted at 9:04 PM, August 26, 2010  
    As someone who paced himself during those dangerous days, I didn't have dire need for Berocca. But it did seem to be the likeliest thing to reanimate the walking dead.
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